MJE Transport & Logistics

MJE Transport & Logistics

Mahmood Jama Ebrahim Est (MJE) is one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of International Transportation Services. Their staff represents over 10 years of experience in handling time-sensitive location logistics, providing you with reliable global solutions for your transportation problems.

MJE provides professional and prompt vehicle transportation at affordable prices. Their proactive approach ensures continuity of service and enables them to maintain a long-term relationship with the customers. Their extensive inventory of equipment, delivery vehicles, and state-of-the-art machinery ensures the best service at the best prices. MJE Transport and Logistics offer total mobilization solutions. The arrange all aspects of your transportation needs.

MJE maximizes the utility of their customized trailers and supporting fleet to minimize your costs. They also arrange all the permits, escorts, and support needed for each move. They also pride themselves in their fleet’s ability to deliver safely, on time.

MJE recognizes and works on the importance of customer relations. Their goal is to provide the customer with as much information about the load as possible from pickup to delivery. MJE provides operational expertise at the highest level, and combined with their staff of experts, they are more than able to manage their customer’s heavy machinery, refrigerated and dry transportation needs.

Referrals are key too. MJE greatly appreciates every opportunity available to do business with you and your company. Building solid business relationships is important to MJE as well as developing new ones.

MJE’s success is based on a working knowledge of permits and regulations to transport heavy and oversized cargo within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also contributing to their solid record is years of experience in working only with the best and most reliable carriers that boast of extensive knowledge of proper equipment and optimal routes. Regular review of their operations ensures safety and also makes good business sense as it gives them a significant competitive advantage in a changing world.

MJE’s staff are ambitious, self-motivated, and excited to accept greater responsibility. MJE hires highly experienced and motivated workers, and allow them to work in their unique style. Their sound organization structure ensures that the company has the right people in the right positions. MJE provides its customers with dependable transportation services based on fair and competitive pricing programs, and also provides a better time guarantee.

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